Board of directors


Executive VP:

VP of Cheer:

VP of Football:

VP of Administration:


VP of Operations:



Cheer Coordinator:

Football Coordinator:

Fundraising Coordinator:

Bylaws Chairperson:

Snack Bar Coordinator:

Sponsorship Coordinator:

Ram Wear Coordinator:

Jon Brown

Rene Spradling

Alexis Gemmell

Ben Landingham

Courtney Dunham - outgoing Cory Kastell

Charlana Brown

Jessica Landingham - outgoing Jessica Pecka

Annalee Weight 

Laura Leon

Richard Spradling

Amy Lagera


Ali Hernandez

Megan Haaby


Board Members

Carrie Bannister

names in italics have taken temporary roles

Interested in joining the Board?

Would you like to be proactive in how the CRJR program is run? Would you like a voice in how we can make things better at CRJR?


If you or anyone you know are interested in any volunteer positions including the Board of Directors, please provide your information or that of the person you would like to nominate and we will contact you.

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